Perfect Precision Math Feature

Yes, experience PERFECT PRECISION where mathematical rounding errors are a thing of the past! Sheerpower boasts numerical accuracy of 18 digits to the left of decimal and 16 to the right -- 34 significant digits!!

Try this simple program in your favorite programming language:

      x = 10.7 + 3.2
      expected = 13.9
      if x = expected then
        print "Got expected value of"; x
        print "Incorrect. Expected"; expected;", got "; x
      end if

Or try attempting to do math with this kind of precision:

print 123456789.012345 * 87654321.123456789

      Answer: 10821521028958940.344459595060205

Sheerpower's Perfect Precision Math feature is a must for anyone writing business applications. 

* The Perfect Precision math technology is patented, US patent #7149765.