Ultra Fast Web Scripting Feature

Sheerpower supports full web scripting using the included SPINS_WEBSERVER program. Sheerpower web scripting programs produce dynamic web pages, and can be embedded into HTML code, similar to PHP, ASP and Perl languages.

Programs written in other languages can be called from a Sheerpower web scripting program (using the PASS Statement Section 10.8 ), and the database capabilities are extremely powerful ( Chapter 15, Data Structure Statements).

The full power and simplicity of the entire Sheerpower language is available for use when web scripting.

To use Sheerpower for scripting, just:


  2. Place your Sheerpower scripting program into the \sheerpower\sphandlers\scripts\sp4gl folder

  3. From your browser, use a URL such as http://localhost/test.spsrc -- and you are done

See the Sheerpower Web Scripting chapter for instruction on web scripting dynamic web pages with Sheerpower.